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Our criminal defense lawyers in Jacksonville will work closely with you to present a clear, understandable, and effective defense to the criminal charges you face.


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In many cases, such as DUI and Criminal Defense, the sooner you hire an experienced attorney the better likelihood of a successful outcome.

Appeal: Family Law, Alimony

Appeal of Alimony Judgment

Hiring an experienced Appeals lawyer is critical to ensure the correct procedures are followed. In this case, we were able to obtain a reversal of the trial court's final judgment. Our research revealed that the trial court failed to follow the appellate court's prior opinion. With the ruling in our favor, our client received permanent alimony more than twice the amount of the trial court's original award.

Our Case:

The trial court did not follow appellate court's prior opinion.

The Result:

Our client was awarded permanent alimony more than twice the amount of the trial court's original award.

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